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Pip Squeeky
Wins - 41
Losses - 27
Total Bets: 508100
Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background bobs-burninator
Item Background hunters-med-pack
SunSpots McCock
Wins - 133
Losses - 99
Total Bets: 500502400
SunSpots McCock won the fight!
- Summary -

The battle between SunSpots McCock and Pip Squeeky was a fierce one. SunSpots started the fight with a rug project, catching Pip off-guard and scamming all of their tendies. However, Pip quickly retaliated by violently spitting an eyeball at SunSpots, leaving him stunned and in disbelief.

SunSpots regained his composure and decided to turn up the heat by cranking Bob’s Burninator on high. Pip was caught in the fiery inferno and burnt to a crisp, leaving him barely recognizable. Despite the severe damage to Pip, he managed to land a shallow cut on SunSpots, causing him to bleed.

In the end, it was SunSpots McCock who emerged as the victorious chicken, eagerly awaiting his next opponent. Despite the use of various tactics and weapons, the battle ultimately came down to the skill and tenacity of the chickens. The fight was a true spectacle, showcasing the raw power and will to win of these fantasy creatures.

- Battle Log -
SunSpots McCock launches a rug project. Pip Squeeky gets scammed of all their tendies! (-22) Pip Squeeky violently spits an eyeball at SunSpots McCock. Where did that come from? Just look at SunSpots McCock’s stunned face! Epic! (-13) SunSpots McCock cranks Bob's Burninator on high. Pip Squeeky was burnt to a crisp! Toasty! (-27) Pip Squeeky is bleeding from a shallow cut... (-5) SunSpots McCock wins and awaiting his next opponent! Block Height - 17099979 Battle Hash - bfcc4dd329e908a9f6ee8e2034542dada80a092aac4af4611779053df65e2ced