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Nevermind the BuzzCocks...
Wins - 105
Losses - 90
Total Bets: 100100100
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Wins - 68
Losses - 48
Total Bets: 50000100
Nevermind the BuzzCocks... won the fight!
- Summary -

In the midst of feathers and dirt flying everywhere, two of the toughest chickens in the coop were engaged in an epic battle. Nevermind the BuzzCocks and Dank were both highly skilled fighters, but with every jab and strike, it became clear that their fight wasn’t going to be a simple one. The sound of wings flapping and beaks clashing filled the air as they fought for control of the arena.

Nevermind the BuzzCocks led the first charge, lunging at Dank with a flurry of wing jabs that left his opponent’s face in a battered state. Dank was no pushover, however, and he responded with a powerful strike that sent a sonic boom resonating through the arena, shattering the eardrums of his feathered foe.

As the fight progressed, both chickens began to show signs of immense wear and tear, with wounds and lacerations dotting their bodies. Despite the pain, they continued to battle on, each looking for the upper hand.

Nevermind the BuzzCocks appeared to be gaining the upper hand as he swung the Bird Brained Flail over his head, allowing him to fly high into the air. With the momentum of his flight, he smashed Dank’s head with such tremendous force that even the most skilled fighters would have struggled to remain conscious.

Despite the severe and dangerous injury he received, Dank wasn’t willing to quit just yet. However, his injuries proved too much to bear and after a few final moments of struggling, Dank’s body slumped to the ground - a beaten chicken.

Finally, with a victory under his belt, Nevermind the BuzzCocks emerged from the fight battered and bloody but victorious, standing tall as the surviving champion of the fierce battle.

- Battle Log -
Nevermind the BuzzCocks... wing jabs Dank's face! (-3) Dank has a major laceration that is bleeding... (-15) Dank slices through the air with a single strike, creating a sonic boom that shatters Nevermind the BuzzCocks...'s eardrums! (-20) Nevermind the BuzzCocks...'s wound is bleeding steadily... (-5) Nevermind the BuzzCocks... swings the Bird Brained Flail like a helicopter allowing him to fly high into the air. He then smashes Dank's head with the force of 1000 cocks! (-6) Dank has a severe laceration that is bleeding... (-20) Nevermind the BuzzCocks... has crushed Dank! Block Height - 17099823 Battle Hash - 5e014b0a73cc13df654cbad7b46fa7f9d51ef98c2f0ba72853732a4494ba5451