Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background hunters-med-pack
Item Background bobs-burninator
El Pollo Loko
Wins - 34
Losses - 24
Total Bets: 50100
Item Background frog-skin-shield
Item Background kitchen-flame-mask
Item Background bobs-burninator
Employee of the Month
Wins - 117
Losses - 86
Total Bets: 500500500
Employee of the Month won the fight!
- Summary -

The battle between Employee of the Month and El Pollo Loko was fierce and intense. Both chickens were determined to come out victorious, but it was Employee of the Month who ultimately prevailed. From the very beginning of the battle, Employee of the Month showed their superior skills by unleashing a devastating attack on El Pollo Loko using Bob’s Burninator. The flames that erupted from the weapon engulfed El Pollo Loko and dealt a huge amount of damage, leaving them reeling.

However, El Pollo Loko was not one to go down easily. They quickly retaliated by delivering a powerful cock slap to Employee of the Month, which caused significant damage. Though Employee of the Month was wounded and bleeding, they refused to give up the fight. With sheer determination and strength, they launched another attack at El Pollo Loko, landing a crushing blow to their jaw that sent them staggering backwards.

Despite their injuries, Employee of the Month continued to fight on, delivering one devastating blow after another until finally, El Pollo Loko was defeated. The battle was over and Employee of the Month emerged victorious, earning the title of the ultimate champion. It was a battle that would be remembered for a long time, showcasing the fierce spirit and determination of two powerful chickens vying for the top spot.

- Battle Log -
Employee of the Month pulls the trigger on Bob's Burninator and a giant cock-flame engulfs El Pollo Loko. You had no plucking chance! (-13) El Pollo Loko cock slaps Employee of the Month! (-8) Employee of the Month has a wound that is bleeding slowly... (-5) Employee of the Month lands a crushing blow to El Pollo Loko's jaw, causing them to stagger. (-22) Employee of the Month has won the fight! Block Height - 17061324 Battle Hash - c162841e6c49b351cde02422728d106cb34357cc85d30d2f4d5368023d75e592