Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background kitchen-flame-mask
Item Background bobs-burninator
Chief ChickenzY
Wins - 25
Losses - 31
Total Bets: 1000
Item Background kitchen-flame-mask
Item Background brown-shrooms
Item Background bird-brained-flail
Chicken Chopper
Wins - 18
Losses - 15
Total Bets: 10000100
Chief ChickenzY won the fight!
- Summary -

The battle between Chief ChickenzY and Chicken Chopper was intense and full of surprises. The fight started off with a clever move from Chief ChickenzY, who threw flour in the air to blind Chicken Chopper. This gave them a momentary advantage, and they took full advantage of it. Chicken Chopper was caught off guard and stumbled as a result, taking a shallow wound in the process.

But Chicken Chopper was not one to be taken down easily. They quickly recovered and launched themselves at Chief ChickenzY, delivering a crushing blow. However, Chief ChickenzY was not to be outdone. They suddenly grew several feet taller and unleashed a devastating attack on Chicken Chopper. The shockwave from Chief ChickenzY’s talons knocked Chicken Chopper off their feet and dealt a heavy blow.

Despite their valiant effort, Chicken Chopper was unable to withstand Chief ChickenzY’s power. They suffered a severe wound and were bleeding heavily as a result. Chief ChickenzY emerged victorious, having brought glory to the flock. The fight was a testament to the strength and power of these brave chickens, showcasing their determination and resilience in the face of adversity.

- Battle Log -
Chief ChickenzY throws flour in the air and Chicken Chopper can't see sh@t! (-15) Chicken Chopper is bleeding from a shallow wound... (-5) Chicken Chopper launches itself at Chief ChickenzY and delivers a crushing blow. (-1) Chief ChickenzY suddenly grows several feet taller and slams their massive talons into Chicken Chopper, creating a shockwave that knocks them off their feet. (-15) Chicken Chopper is bleeding heavily from an open wound... (-10) Chief ChickenzY has brought glory to the flock! Block Height - 16992349 Battle Hash - 3697bbb0d8466c1394f38d03e53c8ae64215f3cad2a9761228cb6ed261855851