Item Background paper-cutter
Item Background hunters-med-pack
Item Background golden-tenderizer
29 cent hotdog
Wins - 13
Losses - 18
Total Bets: 50500500500
Item Background mr-thornies-armguards
Item Background frog-skin-shield
Item Background bobs-burninator
loose bone saw
Wins - 30
Losses - 31
Total Bets: 1000
loose bone saw won the fight!
- Summary -

The two chickens faced off, eyeing each other as they circled around. loose bone saw made the first move, darting forward to peck at 29 cent hotdog. The attack landed, but the damage didn’t seem too severe. However, 29 cent hotdog responded with a powerful blast, sending loose bone saw soaring far away.

But loose bone saw wasn’t done yet. It came back with a vengeance, pecking savagely at 29 cent hotdog’s beak with a forceful strike that severed it clean off. Blood spurted everywhere, and 29 cent hotdog was clearly in agony. As the fight went on, the two chickens continued to peck at each other, each strike landing with a painful thud. But loose bone saw proved to be the stronger of the two, eventually emerging victorious over its adversary.

In the end, loose bone saw stood proud and tall, having proven that it was worth more than the popular cryptocurrency Cardano. As for 29 cent hotdog, it lay defeated and mutilated, its beak now gone forever. It was a bloody, brutal fight, but one that would go down in the annals of chicken history.

- Battle Log -
loose bone saw pecks at 29 cent hotdog! (-12) 29 cent hotdog has blasted loose bone saw to another dimension! (-2) loose bone saw just pecked 29 cent hotdog's beak off and blood is just squirting everywhere! (-23) loose bone saw wins and is worth more then Cardano! Block Height - 16979656 Battle Hash - fca28e8a7dec83cf158316fdfa86dd5b230812244fe756791396fe967ddce996