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Little Jerry Seinfeld
Wins - 7
Losses - 19
Total Bets: 100
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Wins - 3
Losses - 4
Total Bets: 50000100
Decap won the fight!
- Summary -

The two chickens locked eyes, feathers ruffling as if in anticipation of the impending battle. The first strike came from Decap, who launched itself forward and lashed out with its sharp beak, pecking viciously at Little Jerry Seinfeld’s eyes and face until it was practically blinded. The young chicken stumbled, disoriented, and fluffed up its feathers in an attempt to regain its composure.

That was when Little Jerry Seinfeld made its move, charging forward with fierce determination and landing a solid hit on Decap’s body. The impact made a loud thud, and for a moment it seemed as though Little Jerry Seinfeld might gain the upper hand.

But Decap was not so easily defeated, and it retaliated with a ferocity that left its opponent momentarily stunned. With a powerful strike, Decap gouged a deep and bloody wound into Little Jerry Seinfeld’s flesh, causing it to shriek in pain and fear.

The battle raged on, each chicken maneuvering and striking with quick, precise movements that showcased their formidable skills. But in the end, it was Decap who emerged victorious, having proven itself to be the superior fighter in this deadly clash of poultry.

With a triumphant cluck, Decap claimed the tender and delicious Tendies as its just rewards, basking in the glory of its hard-fought victory. As for Little Jerry Seinfeld, it could only limp away, defeated and bruised but perhaps wiser for the experience.

- Battle Log -
Decap pecks the F out of Little Jerry Seinfeld's eyes & face till they can't see anything but red! (-22) Little Jerry Seinfeld charges at Decap and lands a solid hit. (-10) Decap has a deep cut that is bleeding rapidly... (-15) Decap strikes with incredible force, leaving Little Jerry Seinfeld momentarily stunned! (-29) Decap has taken all the Tendies with this win! Block Height - 16972086 Battle Hash - b9b39a07ea7fa924f7aef75776245b16d80df207dcd09dd06cb33d56895b0580