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Donnie Roc
Wins - 110
Losses - 67
Total Bets: 100
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Paul Rizzo
Wins - 11
Losses - 18
Total Bets: 6666
Donnie Roc won the fight!
- Summary -

It was a brutal and fierce battle between the two chickens, Paul Rizzo and Donnie Roc. The fight started with Paul Rizzo using a dirty move called the ‘Blow and Go’ that left Donnie Roc so disoriented that he could barely stand. However, the drugged-up Donnie Roc retaliated by ripping off one of Paul Rizzo’s legs and using it to spank him repeatedly.

Paul Rizzo responded with a series of headbutts, but Donnie Roc was not intimidated. He used his spiky head to inflict a deep wound on Paul Rizzo’s head. However, Paul Rizzo was not backing down yet. He charged forward and smacked Donnie Roc with his tail, sending him flying through the air.

As the fight raged on, both chickens had their moments of dominance. However, Donnie Roc managed to gain the upper hand when he spun rapidly like a tornado, creating a whirlwind that sent Paul Rizzo flying. The blow was too much for Paul Rizzo, and he was losing too much blood to continue the fight.

In the end, Donnie Roc emerged as the winner in this epic battle. It was a display of strength, agility, and cunning that had those who watched on the edge of their seats. It was a tale that would be told for generations to come, of the day when two chickens fought to the death, and only one emerged as the ultimate champion.

- Battle Log -
Paul Rizzo strikes with the most degen move ever, the 'Blow and Go'! Donnie Roc is so coked out he cant even stand! (-8) Donnie Roc tears off Paul Rizzo’s leg and proceeds to spank him repeatedly with it! (-12) Paul Rizzo pummels Donnie Roc with a barrage of headbutts. (-4) Donnie Roc is poking Paul Rizzo with his spiky head. Bet this is the worst head he's ever received! (-13) Paul Rizzo charges forward and smacks Donnie Roc with their tail, sending them soaring through the air. (-4) Donnie Roc is losing blood... (-5) Donnie Roc spins rapidly like a tornado, creating a whirlwind that sends Paul Rizzo flying. (-13) Donnie Roc has won the fight! Block Height - 16971541 Battle Hash - e06fce4d4ac7b4fa294a2b2dc9b4fa8125cc59bbda16753ade62217b2857b3f3