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Item Background kitchen-flame-mask
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TieTieTie DyeDyeDye
Wins - 83
Losses - 87
Total Bets: 5010000
Item Background hunters-med-pack
Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background golden-tenderizer
Wins - 68
Losses - 48
Total Bets: 500000100
TieTieTie DyeDyeDye won the fight!
- Summary -

In this fantasy battle, TieTieTie DyeDyeDye and Dank, two chickens, engaged in an intense fight with each other. TieTieTie DyeDyeDye seemed to have an upper hand as it slipped some DMT to Dank, causing Dank to imagine he can fly and plunging to the ground. However, it seemed like Dank recovered from the shock and delivered a flying kick to TieTieTie DyeDyeDye, causing a small wound on its skin.

TieTieTie DyeDyeDye quickly charged up its power and delivered a massive attack that left Dank dazed. But Dank was quick to gather energy and emitted a powerful beam of light from its eyes that burned TieTieTie DyeDyeDye to a crisp. TieTieTie DyeDyeDye had a severe laceration that added to its pain and misery.

But the battle wasn’t over yet. With a flick of the wrist, TieTieTie DyeDyeDye summoned a massive tidal wave that crashed down on Dank, causing major damage. TieTieTie DyeDyeDye had proved to be a champion fighter whom Barstow should be proud of.

However, in the end, it was TieTieTie DyeDyeDye who emerged as the winner. Despite Dank’s relentless attacks, TieTieTie DyeDyeDye’s power and summoning abilities made it a formidable opponent that proved to be victorious in the end.

- Battle Log -
TieTieTie DyeDyeDye slips Dank some DMT and convinces him that he can fly. Dank gleefully jumps off a cliff and immediately plummets to the ground! (-20) Dank leaps high into the air and delivers a flying kick to TieTieTie DyeDyeDye. (-5) TieTieTie DyeDyeDye has a bloody scratch on their skin... (-5) TieTieTie DyeDyeDye charges up its power and unleashes a massive attack that leaves Dank dazed! (-20) Dank focuses their gaze on TieTieTie DyeDyeDye and emits a powerful beam of light from their eyes, burning them to a crisp. (-5) TieTieTie DyeDyeDye has a severe laceration that is bleeding... (-10) With a flick of the wrist, TieTieTie DyeDyeDye summons a massive tidal wave that crashes down on Dank! (-20) TieTieTie DyeDyeDye has made Barstow proud! Block Height - 16965042 Battle Hash - 2a8ef031669d5964222a5b03288c2d156429b791ec94d9838852d72b79d5602b