Item Background secret-recipe
Item Background golden-tenderizer
Item Background bucket-helmet
Wins - 0
Losses - 10
Total Bets: 100
Item Background blue-bulls
Item Background mr-thornies-armguards
Item Background bobs-burninator
Employee of the Month
Wins - 117
Losses - 86
Total Bets: 500100
Employee of the Month won the fight!
- Summary -

As the two chickens faced off in the battlefield, it was clear that neither one of them was backing down. There was tension in the air, and the sound of clucking echoed throughout the arena.

Employee of the Month started the fight off strong, using the powerful Bob’s Burninator to rain down a fiery rain of destruction onto Bruce. The sudden onslaught of flames took Bruce off guard, causing the panicked chicken to scramble away. However, Bruce was not going to let Employee of the Month have the upper hand for long.

Taking a moment to compose himself, Bruce nimbly dodged past Employee of the Month’s attacks and struck back with the Golden Tenderizer. The heavy blows rained down on Employee of the Month’s back, causing the determined chicken to double over in pain. Despite the injury, Employee of the Month refused to give up the fight.

With the two chickens trading blows back and forth, it was starting to look like the battle could go either way. However, Employee of the Month had one last trick up their sleeve. Unleashing a barrage of explosive energy that obliterated everything in its path, including Bruce, Employee of the Month emerged victorious.

As the dust settled, and the sounds of battle faded away, Employee of the Month emerged victorious. Bleeding from a small puncture wound, Employee of the Month knew that victory had come at a high cost. However, the sight of Chickyland in the distance spurred the battle-weary chicken forward. It was time to celebrate, and Employee of the Month planned to do just that.

- Battle Log -
Employee of the Month rains down a torrent of flaming oil from Bob's Burninator, causing Bruce to scramble in a frenzy! (-12) Bruce's eye is bleeding... (-5) Bruce pounds on Employee of the Month's back with the Golden Tenderizer, leaving them doubled over! (-6) Employee of the Month is bleeding from a small puncture wound... (-5) Employee of the Month unleashes a barrage of explosive energy that obliterates everything in its path, including Bruce! (-20) Bruce is bleeding profusely from a deep wound... (-10) Employee of the Month is going to celebrate at Chickyland! Block Height - 16963353 Battle Hash - 93805d1fdf96a6adfbadeb1f082f0a913f77196ec85dc2a683c5ef3ad278d37d