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FrogHorn Leghorn
Wins - 106
Losses - 83
Total Bets: 100
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Item Background bird-brained-flail
Wins - 9
Losses - 15
Total Bets: 500500500
Jang-a-Leg won the fight!
- Summary -

From the very moment the battle between Jang-a-Leg and FrogHorn Leghorn began, there was no doubt it would be a brutal and fierce fight. Jang-a-Leg started the battle by throwing metal kebab skewers at FrogHorn Leghorn, causing him to be immobilized while Jang-a-Leg took his chance to make the first move. However, FrogHorn Leghorn skillfully used the Bird Brained Flail to attack Jang-a-Leg’s face, delivering a blow that was so impressive that it turned into a Pizza Pie. It seemed that the tides were turning in FrogHorn Leghorn’s favor, as Jang-a-Leg was now bleeding heavily.

But Jang-a-Leg was not ready to give up yet. He rallied back, once again throwing the metal kebab skewers at FrogHorn Leghorn. This time, FrogHorn Leghorn was too slow to dodge, and he was once again immobilized. The final blow came quickly, as Jang-a-Leg made his move, using a lethal attack that put FrogHorn Leghorn six feet under.

It was a vicious, bloody battle, with both chickens determined to emerge as the victor. In the end, Jang-a-Leg emerged as the winner, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. His metal kebab skewers proved to be just the weapon he needed to secure his win, and he skillfully wielded his chosen weapon to devastating effect.

- Battle Log -
Jang-a-Leg throws metal kebab skewers at FrogHorn Leghorn and he can't move! (-20) FrogHorn Leghorn jams the Bird Brained Flail into Jang-a-Leg's face and and makes a master piece. It's a Pizza Pie! That's Amore! (-8) Jang-a-Leg can't stop bleeding... (-15) Jang-a-Leg throws metal kebab skewers at FrogHorn Leghorn and he can't move! (-20) Jang-a-Leg has put FrogHorn Leghorn 6 feet under! Block Height - 16955456 Battle Hash - 8cd4814239ed5ca6c2d0c2741e0b4b543d12243e49e51abd852c2411d2cf5938