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Little Jerry Seinfeld
Wins - 7
Losses - 19
Total Bets: 6666
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Tripz 4 Dayz
Wins - 112
Losses - 92
Total Bets: 100
Tripz 4 Dayz won the fight!
- Summary -

In a fierce battle to the death, Tripz 4 Dayz and Little Jerry Seinfeld engaged in a brutal fight, each trying to gain the upper hand at any cost. Tripz 4 Dayz came out of the gate strong, delivering a powerful blow that shook Little Jerry Seinfeld to its core. However, Little Jerry Seinfeld wasn’t one to be trifled with and quickly retaliated, flinging a dangerous weapon known as the Bird Brained Flail at its opponent.

Despite the attack, Tripz 4 Dayz remained undeterred, launching itself at Little Jerry Seinfeld with a mighty shoulder charge that sent its opponent stumbling back. Little Jerry Seinfeld countered again with its sharp, deadly talons, striking with precision and leaving a deep wound on its rival. But Tripz 4 Dayz had something else up its sleeve and summoned a giant meteor from the sky, unleashing a catastrophic attack that left Little Jerry Seinfeld reeling.

Though Little Jerry Seinfeld tried to fight back with all its might, it eventually began to falter, its wounds becoming too severe to ignore. As Tripz 4 Dayz moved in for the kill, it became clear that the fight was all but over. With a final, decisive strike, Tripz 4 Dayz emerged victorious, leaving Little Jerry Seinfeld bleeding and battered on the ground.

As Tripz 4 Dayz prepared to celebrate its hard-fought win, it was clear that this battle would go down in history as one of the greatest and most vicious clashes of the chicken world. Despite the cost, Tripz 4 Dayz had emerged triumphant, and its victory would not soon be forgotten by those who had witnessed it.

- Battle Log -
Tripz 4 Dayz slices through the air with a single strike, creating a sonic boom that shatters Little Jerry Seinfeld's eardrums! (-6) Little Jerry Seinfeld drops some extasy on Tripz 4 Dayz who starts dancing like it's 1999. What in the hell just happened? (-3) Tripz 4 Dayz charges forward and drives Little Jerry Seinfeld back with a mighty shoulder charge. (-8) Little Jerry Seinfeld flings the Bird Brained Flail like a slingshot, launching Tripz 4 Dayz into the air! (-3) Tripz 4 Dayz strikes with incredible force, leaving Little Jerry Seinfeld momentarily stunned! (-11) Little Jerry Seinfeld has a deep cut that is oozing blood... (-5) Little Jerry Seinfeld delivers a swift and precise strike with its talons. (-3) Tripz 4 Dayz summons a giant meteor from the sky, crashing it down on Little Jerry Seinfeld with apocalyptic force! (-13) Little Jerry Seinfeld has a severe laceration that is bleeding... (-10) Tripz 4 Dayz is getting tendies ready for victory party at Chicks & Cocks! Block Height - 16955410 Battle Hash - 87e6b9d46ed5d37c3c293ef8b7e70e1abfebcd25f1361a63c4fed3eb248a9cab