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The Cocky Chopper
Wins - 59
Losses - 49
Total Bets: 5000100
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29 cent hotdog
Wins - 13
Losses - 18
Total Bets: 100
29 cent hotdog won the fight!
- Summary -

The battle between 29 cent hotdog and The Cocky Chopper was a fierce one, with both chickens unleashing their best moves on each other. It started with 29 cent hotdog dousing The Cocky Chopper with a stream of hot oil from Bob’s Burninator, causing them to writhe in agony. But The Cocky Chopper quickly retaliated by drenching 29 cent hotdog with their own stream of hot oil, inflicting damage on them too.

In an attempt to gain the upper hand, 29 cent hotdog charged towards The Cocky Chopper and pecked them with a powerful blow, causing significant damage. But The Cocky Chopper refused to back down and unleashed a devastating attack that left 29 cent hotdog gasping for air.

Realizing that they needed to change their strategy, 29 cent hotdog resorted to using magic mushroom powder, blowing it at The Cocky Chopper and causing everything to seem like it was melting. The attack was powerful enough to inflict a massive amount of damage on The Cocky Chopper, leaving them vulnerable and unable to attack.

In the end, it was 29 cent hotdog who emerged victorious, having successfully executed a range of attacks that proved too much for The Cocky Chopper to handle. Despite sustaining a bleeding cut on their wing and losing some blood, 29 cent hotdog emerged triumphant and secured the win.

- Battle Log -
29 cent hotdog drenches The Cocky Chopper in a searing-hot shower of oil from Bob's Burninator, causing them to writhe in agony! (-17) The Cocky Chopper drenches 29 cent hotdog in a searing-hot shower of oil from Bob's Burninator, causing them to writhe in agony! (-10) 29 cent hotdog has a bleeding cut on their wing... (-5) 29 cent hotdog charges up and unleashes a devastating peck on The Cocky Chopper. (-21) The Cocky Chopper unleashes a devastating attack that leaves 29 cent hotdog gasping for air! (-20) 29 cent hotdog could use more blood... (-10) 29 cent hotdog blows magic mushroom powder at The Cocky Chopper, and everything seems like its melting! (-34) 29 cent hotdog has secured the W! Block Height - 16944382 Battle Hash - b2dc35bfed92db9a1ae8dbf940c7b488dc808571fc0287088d313baaf772359e