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Foghorn Cockhorn
Wins - 109
Losses - 57
Total Bets: 5000100
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Jeff Lebowski
Wins - 12
Losses - 19
Total Bets: 100
Foghorn Cockhorn won the fight!
- Summary -

The battle between Jeff Lebowski and Foghorn Cockhorn was intense, with both roosters attacking each other with fury. Jeff Lebowski started off strong, spitting at Foghorn and causing minor damage. But Foghorn was not one to take it lying down, unleashing a powerful blast that sent Jeff flying and causing significant damage.

Despite his injuries, Jeff Lebowski fought back with a Bird Brained Flail, swinging wildly at Foghorn’s face. But Foghorn was quick on his feet, throwing metal kebab skewers that immobilized Jeff, leaving him vulnerable to attack.

As the battle raged on, both roosters suffered deep wounds, bleeding profusely. But it was Foghorn Cockhorn who came out on top, finally defeating Jeff Lebowski and securing his victory.

With a triumphant crow, Foghorn Cockhorn declared that he would celebrate his win at Chickyland, proud to have emerged victorious from such a fierce battle.

- Battle Log -
Jeff Lebowski cock spits at Foghorn Cockhorn! (-6) With a mighty roar, Foghorn Cockhorn unleashes a devastating blast that sends Jeff Lebowski flying! (-13) Jeff Lebowski has a deep cut that is bleeding rapidly... (-15) Jeff Lebowski picks up the Bird Brained Flail and swings it wildly at Foghorn Cockhorn's face. I hope he's got health insurance! (-12) Foghorn Cockhorn throws metal kebab skewers at Jeff Lebowski and he can't move! (-13) Jeff Lebowski is bleeding profusely from a deep wound... (-15) Foghorn Cockhorn is going to celebrate at Chickyland! Block Height - 16944380 Battle Hash - 98838f2f614c3cc01668ed2ae95a860d8d71e30389c788194c5fbe0cdc88b1ca