Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background blue-bulls
Item Background bobs-burninator
Purple Pecker Eater
Wins - 33
Losses - 35
Total Bets: 100
Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background frog-skin-shield
Item Background bucket-helmet
Satans Angel
Wins - 7
Losses - 11
Total Bets: 100
Purple Pecker Eater won the fight!
- Summary -

The battle between Purple Pecker Eater and Satans Angel was fierce and intense. The two chickens clashed with all their might, each determined to come out on top. Purple Pecker Eater demonstrated incredible power, unleashing a blast of energy that left Satans Angel reeling. The impact was so intense that the other chicken began to lose blood, staggering under the force of the attack.

However, Satans Angel was far from defeated. Unwilling to go down without a fight, the chicken darted forward and clawed at Purple Pecker Eater’s feathers, causing a significant injury. Purple Pecker Eater stumbled, clearly in pain, with a deep cut oozing blood.

Despite the injury, Purple Pecker Eater sought to end the battle. By calling upon the power of the elements, the victorious chicken caused a massive tidal wave to crash down on Satans Angel, dealing the final blow that ended the battle. Satans Angel could use no more blood, and Purple Pecker Eater emerged victorious.

- Battle Log -
Purple Pecker Eater unleashes a powerful blast of energy that leaves Satans Angel reeling! (-16) Satans Angel is losing blood... (-5) Satans Angel plucks Purple Pecker Eater's feathers! (-6) Purple Pecker Eater has a deep cut that is oozing blood... (-5) Purple Pecker Eater calls upon the power of the elements, causing a massive tidal wave to crash down on Satans Angel! (-21) Satans Angel could use more blood... (-10) Purple Pecker Eater is victorious against Satans Angel! Block Height - 16837375 Battle Hash - 6afa8531f26357459d36db2fd8db1ee9a393325087c8db74e6f7edcf2656a943