Item Background paper-cutter
Item Background frog-skin-shield
Item Background bucket-helmet
Jacky Treehorn
Wins - 4
Losses - 15
Total Bets: 100100
Item Background secret-recipe
Item Background paper-cutter
Item Background bird-brained-flail
Donnie Roc
Wins - 102
Losses - 61
Total Bets: 500500500
Donnie Roc won the fight!
- Battle Log -
Jacky Treehorn tickles the shit out of Donnie Roc. This is embarrassing, Donnie Roc is leaving a trail of chicken pellets all over the pit! (-3) Donnie Roc blows magic mushroom powder at Jacky Treehorn, and everything seems like its melting! (-1) Jacky Treehorn hits Donnie Roc! (-3) Donnie Roc pecked into the wings of Jacky Treehorn. Oh, It's nasty! Donnie Roc just applied the tourniquet, Jacky Treehorn is bleeding out. What a nasty TURN of events, pun intended! (-1) Jacky Treehorn can't stop bleeding... (-15) Jacky Treehorn plucks Donnie Roc's feathers! (-3) Donnie Roc just pecked Jacky Treehorn's beak off and blood is just squirting everywhere! (-1) Jacky Treehorn is bleeding out... (-20) Donnie Roc has dominated his bitchass! Block Height - 16666173 Battle Hash - 39c869487d71d0a64b1dd7bea52f9a9ae74cf8392c24f8e41afa7270a093ff93