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SunSpots McCock
Wins - 103
Losses - 85
Total Bets: 300300300300
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Super Fried Chicken #3126
Wins - 9
Losses - 21
Total Bets: 9909909999
Super Fried Chicken #3126 won the fight!
- Battle Log -
Super Fried Chicken #3126 climbs around SunSpots McCock and tries for a rear naked choke! (-14) SunSpots McCock's eye is bleeding... (-5) SunSpots McCock tears off Super Fried Chicken #3126’s leg and proceeds to spank him repeatedly with it! (-15) Super Fried Chicken #3126's eye is bleeding... (-5) Super Fried Chicken #3126 throws radioactive eggs in his opponent’s face and SunSpots McCock's eyes start bleeding while he tries to pick up what remains of his kids! (-29) SunSpots McCock could use more blood... (-10) Super Fried Chicken #3126 is victorious against SunSpots McCock! Block Height - 16131202 Battle Hash - e9e0d7e4c8deef51584caa15ec8d3f9cd067aa2d50d20ed2e4c9cdbb46c885e0