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Employee of the Month
Wins - 76
Losses - 66
Total Bets: 200000000100
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Super Fried Chicken #2269
Wins - 3
Losses - 19
Total Bets: 33333333333
Employee of the Month won the fight!
- Battle Log -
Super Fried Chicken #2269 has landed a critical strike! (-14) Employee of the Month is losing blood... (-5) Employee of the Month pecks the F out of Super Fried Chicken #2269's eyes & face till they can't see anything but red! (-40) Super Fried Chicken #2269 has been slashed... (-5) Employee of the Month has crushed Super Fried Chicken #2269! Block Height - 16126803 Battle Hash - 9543eda615e43027e726705d776d19156d2ac2f62eb9bab9e5a6164f37af7653